General Information

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Date of birth:         June 26th 2003
Place of birth:       Linz, Austria, Europe

Living in:                Skien, Norway, Europe
Team:                     Telemark Hockey Academy

Jersey Nr.:             14
Position:                Forward
Shoots:                  Left

Height:                   182 cm/6'0"
Weight:                  77 kg/165 lbs

Languages:          GER/ EN/ NO
Grades:                 4,7 (out of 6,0)
School:                 Last year of High School

Parents:                 Rene and Petra
Siblings:                Michael and Jacqueline

Self Image

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STRENGHTS:                                 POTENTIAL STRENGTHS:

- Speed                                         - Screening
- Wrist shot                                   - Powerplay (playmaking)
- Penalty-killing                            - One-timer
- Two-way-forward                      - Corner-plays
- Hits                                               - Long strikes


STRENGTHS:                                 POTENTIAL STRENGTHS:

- Work ethic                                 - Patience
- Leadership by example           - Vocal leadership
- Consistency
- Discipline in routines
- Passion


I am a two-way winger who gives everything for the team. The game of hockey is what I truly love most and drive myself to be the best version of myself.
I am working hard every single day and I love to see and make others smile in the locker room. 
My main ambition is to spread that feeling, how I feel about playing hockey. It's pride and honor for me to play this game.

Life Goals

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GENERAL:                                             STEP BY STEP:

I want to:                                             Goals:

- Challenge myself                           - High School Graduation 
- Get better everyday                       - College Degree
- Enjoy life                                          - Making a living by something I love doing
- Be independent 
- Decide over my future
- Follow my dream

Hockey Targets

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Step by step:

- Win U18 championship in Norway
- Win U21 championship in Norway
- Make the U18 (later U21 and senior) national team for Austria
- Play college hockey (combine education and top hockey)
- Enter senior hockey (become a pro hockey player) 


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- National team player
- 3rd place, Black Wings Linz (Austrian top league, U16)
- Topscorer 2019-2020 (U18 Elite, Norway) for NHA
- Topscorer ECEL Tier 1/AAA for NHA
- TopTalent Austria (1. place)