Corona 20/21 Season

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Season 2020/2021 has been a tough season, the league started as usual in August. After Christmas the team was working its way up to the playoffs however the league got shut down for the rest of the year. This season showed me that there is so much more to the game of hockey. That helped me to improve several areas, such as the mental part. I worked a lot mentally and physically, which helped me to develop my game to a new level. In general, I am grateful for this year as I learned a lot as an athlete and person for. my future career.

Tough Ending to the 19/20 season

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Currently it didn't only affect some countries. To stop practicing and especially playing is a hard hit to take in, however Health comes first. 
This season was full of unforgettable memories. It was a lot of fun to play this season, but I would have loved to see how far we could have gone in the playoffs. 

It was a historical season for the club too. The first time in history both the U18 and U21 Elite made the Playoffs. We ended the season in the 7th spot. 
After the season got ended by corona, I ended up being ranked as number 7 in the league and number 1 in the team. 

This was by far my coolest season, therefore I have never played playoffs in. my whole career before. Although my dream didn't come true, it was still exciting to get that "Playoff vibe". Our team was one big family and the spirit in the team was incredible. I was proud about of our team spirit and they way we treated each other 

Boston - ECEL AAA/Tier 1 tournament

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Together with my team, I took place in the AAA, Tier 1 tournament in Boston from 3.01 - 13.01.2020. It was incredible to play against the top teams from the US and Canada. The whole trip included trips to NCAA div1 colleges, city tours, NHL game and much more... 
It was the most exciting and funniest trip I have ever taken place in. 

I finished of making 3 points in 4 games. It was really fun to compete against different kind of hockey players or in general different hockey style. 
I am very proud of the team and thankful for the great possibility and memories I could take with me back to Skien, Norway. 

EEHS Nashville

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From 11th - 14th of June 2019, I attended the Elite Edge Hockey Showcase in Nashville, Tennessee. I was glad and proud to represent my logo of NHA in the US, and show myself at big camp like that. The camp included high level practices, games, lectures and on-ice testings. I earned a lot of self confidence by seeing that it was no problem competing against high-level hockey players. I even ended up being ranked number 17 in overall on-ice testings out of 131 players. I recognized a lot of things to work on, in order to fulfill my dream of playing American college one day. 
Yeehaw Nashville!